View Full Version : X52 Leds on/half on/off toggle???

1st July 2006, 19:42
Looking for a way to bind one of these toggle buttons to turn off the backlit blue leds and MFD led on the joystick. I'm not always playing flight sims and would just like to get rid of the ambiet light without having to go through the control panel option every time. Thank You. IE: I'm sure there is a tweakable registry entry that could be made as a shortcut then i can assign a key to that shortcut then assign a button to that key(worse case scenario)

Thank you

4th July 2006, 08:06
Sorry, there is no way of controlling the LED brightness outside of the control panel.

7th July 2006, 13:01
Something like a command line argument that specifies the brightness would be a well-received addition to the driver software. I'm forever having to dim the think at night time.

With a command line utility users could create a shortcut for each brightness level they wanted.



7th July 2006, 19:27
Are there any plans to improve our ability to control the LEDs? I wish that my LEDs would go off whenever my screensaver activated, and I wish that was an option that I could toggle in the Control Panel. At the very least, I wish that I could control the LEDs using the MFD buttons. Any of these things possible in the future?

7th July 2006, 21:01
I agree, my setup is in the same room as I sleep, so it's a pain to have to go through the control panel or get to the back of my box to unplug the cable every single night only to redo this in the morning to get it working again, I dont know what anyone else thinks but I know they are way to bright at night for me, would be nice to have some other way to control them, or even a screen saver option for the stick, say, after 5 mins of no use it drops to dim lights then after another 5 mins they turn off, then soon as any input to the stick happens its all up & running again, regardless of that, you can still use the pc, it just turns off while your not using the stick, plus options to activate with the pc screensavers, I think that since you allready got the control panel software controling the lights, then it shouldent be that hard to add this support

just my views anyways :)