View Full Version : GAMER KEYBOARD AND XP - Help!!

16th February 2006, 16:42

I had a recent system crash which is now rectified but I am having problems now with my Gamer Keyboard (the one with the command pad).

I cannot boot into XP with the damn thing plugged in ?? The PC will post but then XP fails to load, I had this issue when I first installed the board some months ago but it seemed to rectify itself on that occassion.

I have to unplug it - let XP load - then plug it back in? All with an old PS/2 plugged in as XP wont load at all without some sort of keyboard attached.

I've reinstalled the software and sst stuff and installed the keyboard patch from saitek - no joy ??

I love this board but the drivers s-ck !!

Any ideas guys (& dolls)


Heres my rig;
P4 3GHZ Prescott HT
ASUS P4S800 MoBo
2GB 3200 DDR
XFX6600GT AGP 128mb

27th March 2006, 04:01
:) I had the same problem whin i first hooked up this keyboard!! you may have to enable usb mouse in the system bios that way it will load up. sometimes this option is turned off and over looked. Hope this helps!!