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14th December 2005, 12:53
I will state for those who are wondering why they are reading a thread in the support column, to alleviate any doubts as to why I am posting here..

Yes there is a problem with cyborg force and 64, at least in this instance..

Any timely response with a substantied fix for my problem would be appreciated.

Detailed overview as is as follows :

I have downloaded all the 64 bit drivers.
Also I note that the x52 Windows 32 Bit drivers are incompatible with windows 64 ( Says you must have windows XP installed................. )

I am running an X52 yoke with a Cyborg Force 3d Stick ( The spring tension mechanism in any joystick is awfully innacurate and a peice of rubbish,
in addition, to the cheap, plastic plate that centres the joystick, that does nothing but becomme annoying very, very quickly.

This is a flawed design in any stick, due to the innacuracies, and having to set a larger then ideal dead zone in the middle of the stick to compensate.

However cutting to the chase.........

I am able to get my x52 yoke running and installed etc and usable under x64.

However the lack of 64 bit driver support for ALL saitek products leaves a little to be desired.

As you can tell I am having difficulty in installing my Cyborg force into windows.

I have tried to load all drivers, - un-installed all drivers etc, have tried the one's that came on the disk, (again 32 bit ) tried the 64 bit cyborg 3d drivers, all to no avail.

Yes the joystick sets up, runs ( although it WILL hang on " Saitek is now configuring your joystick drivers ( after it tells you to reconnect the joystick etc etc ) and it will hang at this point and more often then not do nothing.

It will on occasion during the install process, get over this small hickup, and say " hit next to configure your force stick " at this point you hit next, nothing happens and it cuts to the finish. Also hittin the Configure your joystick icon in the windows start menu/saitek controllers does naff all. ( oh yes under Microsoft controll panel I can callerbrate my stick ( yes it's working and connected ) but cant set the profile / Tension etc so when i boot a game the thing just dies, making it all but totally useless.

Everything works absolutely fine under windows 32.
The x52 works ONLY when 64 bit drivers are installed on 64 bit windows.

Saitek please tell me I am doing somthing wrong, offer a fix etc.

Anything to not keep wondering why the hell you haven't released a 64 bit driver version for all your products, this far after windows 64 has been released....

14th December 2005, 14:15
The Cyborg Force drivers along with drivers for other Saitek FF controllers were written by Immersion (the people with all the patents on FF).
Afaik there are currently no released 64-bit drivers for Saitek's FF products.

14th December 2005, 15:31
We'll have 64-bit drivers up for the Cyborg Force in the next week - we've been building a release that will bring all current products up to the same version number so that we can then move on in earnest to developing the SD5 software next year.

I'll announce it on the forum when these drivers are available.

14th December 2005, 15:54
Thank's Richie.

Much appreciated.