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7th January 2012, 10:32
I currently use 10 Saitek devices on my flight sim, hooking this lot up is quite frustrating. Powering them is equally frustrating, there is a lot of different hubs which I have tried with poor results, bad build quality, power loss etc.

Has Saitek thought about making a powered hub which would handle these devices. It would certainley be a big advantage.:)

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9th January 2012, 11:28
Hi, we did do a big range of powered USB hubs, but sadly we do not make them any more.
look on line and read the reviews


try looking at ebay for our hubs or an other on line market.

6th February 2012, 06:24

i use 3 radio panels, 1 multi panel, 1 switch panel, 1 BIP, Saitek Cessna yoke, rudder, trim and 1 TPM. As non Saitek product, I use a Pro Pit Panel from Virtual Reality Insight and a track IR so a total of 12 USB to be connected all connected on a USB 2.0 Hub.

The issue I had was that the Radio panels turned randomly off with no possibility to restart them except a boot of the computer.

After quick search, it appears that the USB power management of Windows turns off automatically USB devices to save power.

Take a look at this procedure to know how to turn this function off as this is actually turned on by defaut!

After fixing this problem, I do not have any problems anymore and all is running fine.

Make sure your USB Hub is 2.0, well powered and check the USB power management of Windows is turned off.