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30th October 2011, 17:48

sorry for my bad english but i'm french.

I have had x52 for 2 years; But it's impossible to use a profile. When the name off the key is longer than the mfd the x52 bug. Blue screen etc...

The problem is known by saitek since 2 YEARS !!!!!!! but no new drivers...

What's the probleme. I'm not the only personn who have this probleme. It's very penible to reedit the profil for cut the name off all the key...

thank you for your answer !!!!

UK Support 4
31st October 2011, 10:56
if your text is longer than the display can display it will not show it.
If you are talking about miss displayed text this is another matter.
Can you tell me what you are saying a little more clearly please.

31st October 2011, 14:03
if I install a profile and the name of a key exceeds the size of my desktop x52 bug. The name of the button is displayed and nothing works. I even have a blue screen and reboot the computer.

I'm not the only one having this problem and I have already expressed on this forum. It is known from Saitek but there is a problem of some drivers on x52 version.

If I reduce the size of the key name (eg "flap up" instead of "put the flaps in the up position") it works without the problem. But if the name of a single key is longer (especially the pinkie + something) fatal error.

thank you

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31st October 2011, 14:16
Hi, what windows version are you using and what version driver?

31st October 2011, 14:23
i have vista 64

Yesterday, after months without trying, I re-download the latest drivers ( and sst. No problem during installation but I have a touch activated too long> x52 blocked ...

thank you to help me

UK Support 4
31st October 2011, 14:32
Sorry I now do not understand what you are now talking about.
are you saying that the X52 now does not work on your PC?

31st October 2011, 14:40
it works perfectly well if I do not install profile. By cons if I install a profile and the name of a key for this profile is longer than the capacity of the screen mfd my x52 bug.

looking for my other post on the subject and you will see that the support from Saitek is aware but they do nothing for 2 years ...

for example:



http://www.saitekforum.com/showthread.php?t=17395 (in july 2009 !!!!!!)