View Full Version : Cyborg Macro's not working - Lack of Output

9th August 2011, 19:20
Hey guys,

I've been searching all-over the net trying to find someone with this issue but haven't had any luck, maybe its been posted here before and I'm not seeing it.

Basically the macro keys on my Cyborg keyboard don't do anything.

Everything works fine; colours, keys, volume, SST software appears ok. I launch SST, I press button C1 and it registers I pressed it on the software. I then program the function, I want, for example, the letter a *should* generate the output of "A".

Now I name is TEST1, save, apply the profile. When I check in the task tray, its showing that its using the profile I just created. Cool.

Now to test; every button on my keyboard (and mouse) registers here except for any of the macro keys. There is simply no output at all.

I found a lead earlier saying that MS Framework 2.0 needs to be installed. I'm pretty sure its installed and will check tonight to make sure.
Any other suggestions are appreciated. :)