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20th July 2011, 23:12
Hi everybody,
i recently bought that yoke too and experienced that is was much to sticky in the elevation axis to fly precise maneuvers. As i am a mechanical engineer in Germany i knew it would be a bad idea to lubricate the bushings but after detailed inspection they where the cause for the sticky behaviour. The reason in my case was, that they fitted too tight on the shaft. So i removed the bushings from their housings, picked a micro saw and made one cut to release the tension; put everything in again. Now eveything works like a charm and the axis is a smooth as could be. Of course this is NOT recommended if you do not want to void your warranty!!! But it could be a solution - even to Chef - if you messed around with lubrication on nylon (of course you have to clean the shaft and bushing as good as you can from your lube before.)l

The description on this forum for relieving the tension on the pro flight yoke is rather vague. I can't tell which bushing I am supposed to be cutting. And more importantly I can't tell that anything has a housing or a way to be removed. Could somebody who knows how its supposed to be done please circle what he is talking about on this picture? I really don't want to mess up such an expensive piece of hardware.


1st May 2012, 22:12
Ok so I feel I can bump this after chilling out here for 286 days.

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2nd May 2012, 11:08
Hi, I did this a few years ago so read the instruction and see what you think. but if you do this it is done at your our risk, this will void you 2 year warranty. I have done this quite a few times with out a problem.
I used Sevenduster's pic to revamp my original fix-it doc as it was better than my original pic hope he does not mind.

please look at the file I have attached

22nd July 2012, 06:52
Thank you very much, will try this out. I think I'm past warranty anyways.

P.S. That pic was mine not Sevendusters, and yeah thats fine :)

UK Support 4
23rd July 2012, 10:36
Hi, opps on the pic name ok thank you let me know how you get on.

28th July 2012, 14:01
Thanks for the info guys. What sort of lube should I use? I thought any kind of silicone spray would do, something that can be bought at Maplins. Is this OK?

I'm in the UK, so any idea where I can get the lube would be great help (if not Maplins).



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1st August 2012, 10:30
try and get the spray (aerosol) white grease this is what I have used in the past, do not use WD40 on any thing, it will really screw the mech up.
you can get this grease from a car accessories shop. Maplins should also do it.

9th August 2012, 06:31
I managed to get some white grease from Halfords. Unfortunately it didn't make any difference. Am going to try cutting the first white nylon bearing next.