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29th December 2006, 21:06
How can I activate the dual Throttle in FS2004 ?
In FSX it works fine.
Please help needed.

29th December 2006, 21:39
Problem sold thanks to " STANNER "
He wrotes :
found the answer. Someone mentioned that the SENSITIVITY/JOYSTICK TAB in FS9 initially shows three axis Aileron, Elevator, Throttle. However,
if you use the scroll bar at the right you will find the other axis, one of which is ENGINE #2 throttle axis. The sensitivity had been set at 50% for engine #2. I set this to 100% (Null zone was zero), and all is fine.

The final analysis is that the Sensitivity/Joystick Tab in FS9 HIDES the axis
setting for Engine #2 throttle axis, which has to be accessed by using the
scroll bar on the right.

17th July 2007, 21:56
Thank you for this advice. Very simple fix, obviously too much to expect from Saitek!!.

I wish I could say that Saitek help were as courteous!
They seem to have a terrible attitude and talk to customers as if they are being a PROBLEM.

They told me that as long as the controls were recognized in FS9 that was all they cared about. So my question is that if you sell a product that is specifically desugned for FS, support the pesky thing!!

Saitek your customer help personnel are very rude and impatient!

20th September 2007, 20:27
I can't believe that I had to register for this forum just to get that very simple answer. I've had my AV8R for going on a year now, never been able to use the dual-throttles until now. I just sent an e-mail to saitek support, and for some reason, it was sent back with no reply.

Oh well, I'll delete my forum account now that I have the answer. It wasn't even provided by Saitek, go figure!